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Prevention and treating oral disease at a biological base in a whole body context using every time possible a safe and natural approach to promote health.

Counselling on food selection and dietary habits as a part of treatment and control of periodontal disease and caries.

My aim is to get to the root cause of the symptoms. I’ll identify any imbalances and deficiencies in diet and life style, then agree on a personalised nutritional protocol.

Bleeding gums and tooth decay affect almost everyone. Are you one of the suffers? Dental Nutritional Counselling is a programme for you to be proactive and stop gum disease and tooth decay once and for all.

Taking care of your teeth and health naturally

Ana's mission is to bring safe, biocompatible, holistic and ethical health care to people through her expert knowledge of biological and holistic dentistry and dental nutrition.

Do your kids have tooth decay? Most families have been dealing with tooth decay for many years. I am proud to announce that I am offering a cutting-edge Dental Nutritional Counselling programme for you and your kids to get tooth decay under control.

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To find out more or book a consultation please call 07423 036350

Hove, East Sussex. United Kingdom.  info@thenutritionaldentist.com

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