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Ana's mission is to bring safe, biocompatible, holistic and ethical health care to people through her expert knowledge of biological and holistic dentistry and dental nutrition.

Ana Vilas Boas Sousa Surwald (GDC 102230) is a dentist with a special interest in the biological dentistry field and is also a fully qualified nutritionist. Her mission is not harm and bring safe, biocompatible, holistic and ethical health care to people.

Ana qualified as a dentist in 2002 in Portugal. After graduating she took a post-graduation in “Oral rehabilitation and Maxillo-Facial prosthodontics” in 2003 and a doctorate about “Biomechanics of the Maxilla” at the Barcelona University in 2009.

After having her children, she become more and more interested in the anthroposophical ideas of Medicine and took a Post Graduate Licentiate Diploma in Homeopathy with CPH (College of Practical Homeopathy) and educational activities with the Institute of Functional Medicine. After, realising the power of food, she enrolled in a Naturopathic Nutrition Course with CNM (College of Naturopathic Medicine).

On her path with a more biocompatible approach to oral health, she has trained in the Biological Dentistry field, including the current method for safe removal of dental amalgam with IAOMT. Ana follows the SMART IAOMT protocol of Safe Removal Amalgam Fillings

She wants to prevent and treat oral disease at a biological base in a whole body context using every time possible a safe and natural approach to promote health.

Alongside, she is happy to support patients with healthy lifestyle tips and promote health as a positive vitality, beyond just the absence of disease.

Ana´s approach to Dentistry with patient-centred care, promotes health and wellness instead of only treating the oral disease, seeking a safe, least toxic way to accomplish the mission of treatment.

Ana has 2 young children and loves to spend time with family and friends and practice hot yoga.

Biological dentistry
Safe amalgam removal following IAOMT protocol 
SMART certified with IAOMT
Naturopathic nutrition

Functional Medicine approach 
Graduate from Applying Functional Medicine In Clinical Practice-UK in 2017 


Partners that I work with:


Heal yourself with naturopathic and functional medicine, nutrition, food intolerance, deficiency testing and health screening.


Monique works by finding the root causes of health issues, rather than just treating symptoms. This enables her to give the body what it needs so it can repair itself, for longer-lasting health and vitality.  

Her aim is to Repair, Strengthen, Restore and Heal your body and Improve your life. 

Fit State Training

Working from her private gym in Hove, Colette works with you to help improve your health and fitness through implementing manageable changes to your diet and lifestyle, while structuring your sessions around your goals in a safe and closely monitored manner to ensure you learn how to move safely and effectively. 

Using a combination of strength, cardiovascular, and mobility training methods, the emphasis is on finding the exercises that work for you, and give you the best results.


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